HELP NEEDED ASAP... 20 POINTS. WILL MARK BRAINLIEST!1). Points B, D, and, F are midpoints of the sides of ACE. EC= 33 and DF= 20. Find AC. The diagram is not to scale. (The first photo).A). 40B). 33C). 10D). 662). Find the length of the midsegment. The diagram is not to scale. (The second photo).A). 26B). 17C). 14D). 523). A rope is tied between the edge of the top of the building and a stake in the ground just above the top of a tree. What angle is formed by the rope and the building? (The third photo).A). 138B). 52 C). 42D). 484). DF bisects <EDG. Find the value of x. The diagram is not to scale. (The fourth photo).A). 25B). 3/16C). 120D). 85). E is equidistant from the sides of <HGF. Find m< FGH. The diagram is not to scale. (The fifth photo). A). 52B). 26C). 22D). 6

Accepted Solution

1 is C
2 is b
3 is B
4 idrk
5 idk sorry hope i helped