multiply (−3.2)⋅1.7 A−5.44 B−1.5 C1.5 D 5.44PLS HELPPPPPP

Accepted Solution

Answer: OPTION A.Step-by-step explanation: For this exercise is important to remember the multiplication of signs: [tex](+)(+)=+\\(-)(-)=+\\(-)(+)=-\\(+)(-)=-[/tex] Given: [tex](-3.2)(1.7)[/tex] You can observe that one factor is negative and the other one is positive, therefore, the result will be negative. You can write the numbers as below: [tex]3.2 *\\1.7\\----[/tex] The steps are: 1. Multiply each digit of [tex]3.2[/tex] by each digit of [tex]1.7[/tex] 2. Add the products and do not forget to write the negative sign. 3. Since the [tex]3.2[/tex] has one decimal place and [tex]1.7[/tex] has one decimal place, the sum of the products must have 2 decimal places. Then: [tex]3.2 *\\1.7\\----\\224+\\32\\----\\-5.44[/tex]