Two boxes (24 kg and 62 kg) are being pushed across a horizontal frictionless surface, as the drawing shows. The 46-N pushing force Modifying Above P With right-arrow is horizontal and is applied to the 24-kg box, which in turn pushes against the 62-kg box. Find the magnitude of the force Modifying Above F With right-arrow that the 24-kg box applies to the 62-kg box.

Accepted Solution

Answer:33.16NStep-by-step explanation:The 46 N force is causing both boxes to accelerate. To determine the acceleration, we are going to use Newton's laws of motion F=m*a --> a=F/m You know that the Force is 46 and the mass is the sum of both boxes (cause you are moving the two of them) a =46 Γ· (24 + 62) = 46 Γ· 86 Β  This is approximately 0.535 m/s. This is the acceleration of both boxes. To determine the force that the 24-kg box applies to the 62-kg box, you use the newton's law of motion. But now you know the acceleration and the massF=m*a=62*0.535m/s=33.16 N